Sara Lundkvist b. 1982


In my artistic practice, I am inspired by magical phenomena, spirituality and science fiction from which I am interested in creating glass objects that mirror desire, hope and dreams. Glass objects that seem to come from another world, from the mystical darkness to all the colors of the rainbow.


My glass sculptures consist of both blown glass and molded glass where, through the possibilities of glass, I question the structures within the craft’s traditions and techniques. In my latest work, I have worked with both small objects and larger sizes for spatial installations where I combine and develop techniques to create other expressions than what we normally
associate with glass. It can be through creating glass to look like another material or get glass to behave in a way that should not be possible.


In 2015 I was the initiator of the separatist feminine glass group BOOM! from the need to create new arenas for Swedish glass on equal terms. Since the start, we have created different types of discussion platforms, realized exhibitions, public performances, released two publications, built a touring glass furnace and organized workshops with children and youth to be able to try glass blowing in it.


Instagram: @thesaralundkvist