Alexandra Kern Swedish, b. 1963


Alexandra Kern is a visual artist, born in 1963 in Malmö, and currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. She pursued her artistic education at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, where she specialised in Fine Arts and obtained her MFA degree in 1993. 


In Kern's artistic world, she is deeply interested in the relationship with nature. Encounters where positions can be divided into different layers and perspectives. The observation is both embracing and menacing. It is an exploration of what is very close or what lies in between and beyond. Using the space in between as a starting point in the composition of the visual surface allows for a shifting interplay in the creation of the painting, which brings harmony and dissonance within the same artwork.


Graphics have been a constant presence in Kern's artistic practice. Drawings and ink washes are transferred onto photopolymer plates for graphic intaglio printing in limited editions. In recent years, painting has played a significant role for Alexandra, where the graphic expression is reflected in oil painting, and colors play an even more central role. Hues in the shifting color encounters of oil painting carry a narrative, and the resonance lies within the observer.


Alexandra Kern is represented in several municipalities and regions in Sweden and abroad, including The British Museum in London, Moderna Museet in Stockholm, and the National Museum in Oslo. Her latest commissioned work was executed using the flat glass technique for the Västra Götaland Region at Kungälv Hospital. In 2022, Alexandra's latest solo exhibition titled Timmarna was showcased at Candyland Gallery in Stockholm.