Vegan Flava Swedish-Finnish, b. 1978


Vegan Flava is a street artist and refers to his art as visual activism and direct action painting. He is based in Stockholm and is internationally known for his socially reflective art with motifs such as skeletons, skulls, animals, roots and trees. His art is often created in an interaction with a particular place and in dialogue with the environment.


” I took away the layers of identity and came down to the bones. In my art the skeleton and the cranium become a symbol for something common, it’s a way to paint us all at once. Just as the human body has limitations to what it can handle, so does the earth. If the natural phenomena of the seasons did not exist, I would dream that they existed. My art celebrates nature, human potential, wildlife and the four seasons, but is also an inconvenient critique of our culture, our way of life.”