Isa Andersson Swedish, b. 1990

Isa Andersson's artistic practice seeks to shed light on pivotal moments through the exploration of extremes. By delving into fragments of recognition found in materials and objects, Andersson uncovers these extremes. 

The resulting object becomes a convergence of contrasting signals, evoking a cognitive dissonance. Through the use of everyday objects and material reinterpretations, Andersson prompts inquiries into hierarchies and status. Her visual language, characterized by restraint and precision, boldly challenges conventional notions of beauty and identity through the creation of crystal-clear glass pieces and meticulously crafted installations.


Andersson's artistic focus centers on mixed media sculpture, frequently incorporating glass. Within her sculptures, glass consistently assumes a symbolic role, representing themes of transparency and fragility. This symbolism is carefully reinforced through both design choices and thematic elements.


Isa Andersson is also an active member of Misschiefs.