In this series of vessels called ‘Le Verdure’, Toivo Molin has been creating
new ways in the traditional craft field by utilising 3D-modelling for wooden

mould-blowing. The pieces combine modern precision with the unique tex-
ture of burnt wood, creating a look that is simultaneously natural and alien.

“I want to create objects that have a familiar feel while still being creative
and contemporary” - Toivo Molin.


Toivo Molin belongs to the new generation of Finnish designers and glass-
blowers, based in the famous glass village of Iittala, Finland. In his work,

Molin combines his expertise in design with different materials, and contin-
ues the heritage of Finnish glass design with his elegant style. As a glass-
blower himself, Molin knows the material well and can use this to achieve

the desired outcomes. His works have previously been showcased in Lokal
Helsinki and The Finnish Glass Museum.