Matt Miley American-Swedish, b. 1983


 My work is a reflection of my journey to find a higher awareness of my moment-to-moment experience in life, a venture traditionally confined to and referenced by rigid and crumb-ling institutions. I intend for my work to signify psychological change that dismantles and rebuilds recurrently, using willed introspection and mythological propositions to guide me, as schema, through this journey.


In a transparent landscape, perhaps in the landscape of one’s self, my work depicts uncertainty through images of humans and animals in a state of becoming or becoming undone. The lines may coalesce or fray, confine or release. Like a nest of neurons, the lines provide paths for activity; leading one’s eyes through the artwork and forcing themselves into one’s body. The lines visually and conceptually pulse to simulate a transformation of consciousness that is occurring in the forms represented.