Group show | From Whispers to the Holy Grail

6 December 2019 - 10 January 2020

Please join us as we celebrate exactly one year since our first exhibition and installation as in-house gallery at Embassy House Linnégatan! This Friday, December 6, in honour of our collaboration, we are pleased to be co-hosting Embassy House’s annual Holiday Celebration.

Place: Galleri Duerr @ Embassy House Linnégatan 89C


From Whispers to The Holy Grail
An exhibition with a selection of work from our past shows:
Whispers from the Mesh | SERINYÀ
Abstract Layers | GUSTAV HJELMGREN
MANI VERTIGO | Transformation of Love
Democracy Under Siege | Group exhibition SANTIAGO SIERRA and others
For The Want of More |  EVA-TERÈZ GÖLIN
Art in Office evolving exhibition space with work by David Eisenhauer, Matt Miley, Lana Stephens, Anthony Mills, Natalia Mikkola, Alannah Robins, Eric Wall, Kapoth, Paul Quant, Mireia Rocher, Serinyà, Hans Malm, Yung Kim and others.


Since opening our first installation and exhibition on December 6, 2018, we have curated five exhibitions in our gallery space one level down (400 sq m). We also continue to curate Art in Office in symbiosis with the start-up companies working here (yet another 3000 sq m).

Please join us as we reflect on this past year and look forward to a new year with new meetings, collaborations, events, art talks … and further explore our role as an evolving gallery space.


Alannah Robins CV /  Artists Statement /  Biography
Matt Miley CV /  Artists Statement /  Biography
Serinyà  CV /  Artists Statement
Lana Stephens  CV /  Artists Statement
Mireia Rocher  CV /  Artists Statemen