Mani Vertigo | Transformation of love

11 April - 3 August 2019

Mani Vertigo presents her work and philosophy “Transformation of Love”, a series of paintings, sculptures and videos produced in the time frame between 2016 and 2019. The exhibition is divided into three parts, three states of existence: inner, extraneous and aggregate, representing the metaphor of relationships between people. It explores the phenomenon of love, femininity and masculinity on a wide palette as well as identification of self in relation to one’s inner and outer world.

‘It is an expression and celebration of femininity, masculinity love and self-identification’ says the artist, ‘Stockholm has been my home for the past 3 years and this is a special moment to be able to exhibit here for the first time’. 

Mani Vertigo has previously exhibited in Moscow, London, New York, Los Angeles, Quito and more, and currently has shows both in Moscow and New York as well as here with us in Stockholm.
‘We are thrilled to feature Mani’s work in our 400m2 of exhibition space at Embassy House Linnégatan in Stockholm, her work is a combination of spontaneity and femininity’ says Deborah Duerr, founder of Galleri Duerr. 

Mani Vertigo is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily with paintings, sculptures and videos. Russian-born, Stockholm-based, Mani creates visceral, rough paintings featuring forms or silhouettes of faces and bodies and building abstraction around them. She strives to create an honest and evocative dialog with the viewer’s deepest and most vulnerable self, focusing on subconscious associations, primal emotions and feelings of human beings. She takes inspiration in the nature of things and people, juxtaposition of inner versus outer experience, life and death, matter and void, sufferings of flesh and soul. Mani Vertigo holds a BA degree from the University of Hertfordshire in Visual Communication. Her work has been exhibited widely in her native Russia as well as in Europe, the UK, Ecuador and the United States.  

Mani has been living in Sweden for the past 3 years and has worked as head of Production Product for the Swedish startup Watty.