Gustav Hjelmgren | Abstract layers

7 February - 3 March 2019

With a keen interest in visual expression, Gustav Hjelmgren finds inspiration in the works of early abstract expressionists. Working primarily with a squeegee, Gustav manipulates the newly applied paint, building up layer upon layer, working while the paint is still wet or making a conscious decision to reflect and allow that particular layer to dry before going on. Searching for his own unique expression, Gustav allows not only his instinct and subconscious feelings to guide him but he is also led by the nature of the medium itself and by the tools he has at hand.

These many layers symbolise for him not only the multiple layers of a lifetime but also serve as a symbol of diversity, as the various layers of paint and strokes of colour find harmony on his canvas in unexpected combinations.

Inspiration is also found in his deep and immediate connection with nature—be it a walk in the woods or the power of the open sea. Everything is connected and it is these connections that find their way onto his canvases.