Joanne Grüne-Yanoff Swedish-American, b. 1966


Joanne Grüne-Yanoff is a Swedish-American transdisciplinary artist based in Stockholm, Sweden and Philadelphia, USA. She is also the founding director of FLYG!, an International Women’s collective that tackles projects focused on tolerance and diversity. In her practice she examines the individual’s charged relationship with the outside world. This exploration threads visually through her work and connects with workshops she runs with marginalized populations around the world to help build tools for finding home and community. Her installations explore connection and creative transformation as tools of resilience.


With an established art career spanning three decades, Grüne-Yanoff has exhibited her artworks in galleries and museums across the globe. One aspect of her practice is through multimedia artwork in which she examines the individual’s charged relationship with the outside world, and another part is community-based activism through art. Over the last five years, she has regularly conducted workshops with people who identify as immigrants, migrants, refugees, expats and native-born residents to provide coping tools, and expand strategies of understanding and integration. A documentary on this work by filmmaker Charlotta Hayes, “Gemenskap är ett Skyddsnätt”, premiered in Stockholm in May 2020. Often, the two components of Grüne-Yanoff’s practice join forces. 


Joanne Grüne-Yanoff is represented in Buffalo AKG Art Museum ´s collection.